Social and financial factors during your studies

The Department of Social Policy is responsible for the social and financial aspects of student life.

It is the contact point for students with questions about social matters, such as the ÖH Social Fund, offers counselling and organises events and projects. The Social Department manages the social pot and is in contact with the housing law, tax law and general legal advice.

With various ÖH-UWK service offers, such as the assumption of childcare costs, assumption of costs for a psychological counselling session, the ÖH-UWK Snack, the ÖH-Mensa-Bonus and the ÖH-UWK house pharmacy, the Department of Social Policy aims to improve the social situation of students at the University for Continuing Education.

Foto Diana

Diana Sheihani 
Head of Department 

 Foto Streicher Julia

Julia Streicher