Expedient, economical, and efficient

The Department of Economic Affairs takes care of all financial concerns.

Paramount among them are budget planning in the form of an annual estimate, and the preparation of an annual statement. The department also dispenses information about the fiscal situation of individual cost centers or the entire university representation. It is responsible for the appropriate use of the student representation’s funds according to applicable guidelines, and ensures compliance with the guidelines of the control commission, the Students’ Union Act (HSG 2014), the Conduct and the Management guideline.

 Maximilian Veichtlbauer

Maximilian Veichtlbauer
Head of Department (interim.)
0676 / 9406935

David Kloiber
Deputy Head of Department (interim.)

Matthias Liszt


annual estimate (2023-07-01)
1st change annual estimate 
1st change annual estimate - cash income statement

2nd change annual estimate
2nd change annual estimate - cash income statement